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There’s no one more capable of helping you select your new floors than the experts at ACE Flooring.  Whether you are looking for tile, hardwood, laminate or carpet Ace flooring is available to help you pick the perfect flooring option to meet your needs and budget.


Decorative Concrete is a type of floor which can be applied to existing or newly poured concrete. Existing concrete may need a thin overlay to fill holes and cracks before staining. The floor may also need to be leveled.


Hardwood, tile or laminate floors can maintain their strength and beauty for years, especially with a little help from Ace Flooring.   Proper care and maintenance of your Ace floor will help keep it looking new for years to come.


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Welcome to Ace Flooring of Dallas Fort Worth, where the sky’s the limit when it comes to what’s under your feet!  Whether you’re looking for a custom flooring installation, or a refinishing of your wooden floors, we’re the place to call!

We begin by identifying your needs and desires, and then matching them to our inventory and materials.  In a few years when your floor needs just a little bit of touching up, you can once again call Ace Flooring for easy, no hassle maintenance.  We source our materials from only the best brands and companies to ensure durability and quality.

So if you’re looking for any kind of flooring job, look no further! Our team at Ace Flooring is ready and willing to install or maintain your flooring.

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Competative price, good service. But, that’s not why you hire ACE Flooring. You hire ACE Flooring because of the attention to detail and integrity of the owner, Stephen Snider.

ACE Flooring retiled about 800 sq ft. in our house. Stephen’s advice on selecting the right porcelain tile, committment to minimizing the dust during the removal of the old tile, prepping the floor, raising the floor where needed, and scheduling around our travels made all the difference.

Fair pricing, honest service, and work overseen by the owner, Ace Flooring exemplifies what a good service company is all about. Stephen personally gets involved to insure complete customer satisfaction, and provides service above what one would expect. It’s especially refreshing to experience work done the “old fashioned” way, with integrity! Thanks to Steve and the team at ACE Flooring for the great job installing our new carpet. Your install team was professional. Thanks for helping us select a quality carpet. We really like the new look in our home. Can’t say enough about the overall experience. thanks!