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We keep our prices low by using its wholesalers’ showrooms instead of maintaining our own.  We’re able to offer much more availability and all manufacturers’ products; not just certain brands.  We give the customer the option of picking products on their own if they so choose.

ACE Flooring DFW will install the products they don’t directly sell customers.  We use very skilled, professional  installers and stand behind doing the install right the first time.  If customers wish to price check bid, ACE will review other companies’ bid to see if they can provide a better price.

Floating a Floor

What is Patching or Floating a Floor


There is much confusion with Patching or Floating a Floor.  Many times when providing a bid to replace flooring, customers don’t understand the patching or floating process.  To make matters worse, some companies tell customers up-front the costs that might arise if there is a need for these services while others wait and surprise customers.  When comparing bids, customers should always determine if estimated costs for floating or patching have been included because floating can be very expensive.  Customers should always try to compare apples to apples.  Cheaper bids may cost you more.


Like Forest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolate.  You don’t know what you have until you open the box.”  The same applies to flooring; there’s no way to know what the condition of the floors are until you remove the floor surface.  Once you remove the carpet, tile or so on, you can determine if the floor needs this service.  Removing old material often removes previous floating or patching.  What is floating you ask.  Unless you are floating a floor, you will be gluing the new material directly to the subflooring, which is usually wood or cement.  If the subflooring is not level, it will be seen when the new carpet, wood or tile is installed.  However, installing carpet over padding or installing laminate over an overlay product is not as important to have a level subfloor.  Float or patch is a cement based product.  Patching is needed when the subfloor has deeper holes.  We see this mostly in commercial or retail applications where walls have been moved.

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There’s no one more capable of helping you select your new floors than the experts at ACE Flooring.  Whether you are looking for tile, hardwood, laminate or carpet Ace flooring is available to help you pick the perfect flooring option to meet your needs and budget.

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Decorative Concrete is a type of floor which can be applied to existing or newly poured concrete. Existing concrete may need a thin overlay to fill holes and cracks before staining. The floor may also need to be leveled.

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Hardwood, tile or laminate floors can maintain their strength and beauty for years, especially with a little help from Ace Flooring.   Proper care and maintenance of your Ace floor will help keep it looking new for years to come.


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Welcome to Ace Flooring of Dallas Fort Worth, where the sky’s the limit when it comes to what’s under your feet!  Whether you’re looking for a custom flooring installation, or a refinishing of your wooden floors, we’re the place to call!

We begin by identifying your needs and desires, and then matching them to our inventory and materials.  In a few years when your floor needs just a little bit of touching up, you can once again call Ace Flooring for easy, no hassle maintenance.  We source our materials from only the best brands and companies to ensure durability and quality.

So if you’re looking for any kind of flooring job, look no further! Our team at Ace Flooring is ready and willing to install or maintain your flooring.

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