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Information about Decorative, Polished, Epoxy and Concrete Overlay

Today's economy demands companies and individuals to look for ways to cut costs while maintaining great looking floors. Anyone who is involved in maintaining a building, office or home knows that keeping carpets, tiles, stones or VCT clean and shiny is expensive and time consuming. Much of ACE Janitorial's income comes from maintaining floors so we hope floors will continue to need cleaned, stripped, waxed, buffed and sealed. In addition to the maintenance costs involved with traditional floors, there is also the expensive initial costs. Fortunately, there is now an alternative for great looking floors that cuts initial and maintenance costs, improves aesthetics and durability. It is called Decorative Concrete or Polished Concrete. ACE Flooring provides all the various concrete flooring services such as Decorative Concrete Dallas, Polished Concrete, Epoxy and Overlay. Following is a brief description of each type of service.

Decorative Concrete is a type of floor which can be applied to existing or newly poured concrete. Existing concrete may need a thin overlay to fill holes and cracks before staining. The floor may also need to be leveled. Once the concrete floor has been prepared, it can then be "acid" or "water based" stained to give the concrete a beautiful appearance. After staining, a sealer and/or wax will be applied to add gloss, protect and maintain the beautiful appearance. Many decorative patterns and colors can be used to customize your floors. We offer Dallas stained concrete and Fort Worth stained concrete services as well.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Interior and Exterior Finishes:
  • Virtually unlimited designs, patterns, textures and color options.  You can design your floors to be unique to your taste
  • Can create the authentic look and feel of any stone, brick, tile, wood and more
  • Available in any color combination you desire to match surrounding designs and themes
  • Complete project customization in terms of texture, pattern, color, design and depth
  • Very affordable and cost effective compared to: full depth stamped concrete, pavers, brick, real stone and integrally colored concrete.  Less than complete tear out and re-pour
  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas, even vehicular traffic
  • Very little maintenance
  • Highly resistant to deicing salts, freeze/thaw climates, extreme heat, wet conditions and UV rays
  • Skid resistant options create a non-slip finish. Even in wet conditions
  • Quick installation time in days; not weeks like other similar products
  • VOC free options-being "Green" is important to our health and environment
  • Can be applied pre- or post-construction
  • For new or existing concrete surfaces regardless of most conditions of the surface as long as the flooring/concrete is stable

Areas perfect for Decorative Concrete in Fort Worth / and Decorative Concrete in Dallas are: sidewalks, pool decks, homes, driveways, patios, theme parks, sports arenas, porticoes, water parks, commercial walkways, shopping malls, retail stores, golf course paths, drive thru's, roadways, commercial buildings/offices, warehouses and so on.

Polished Concrete is a process that is also becoming very popular. You may have noticed it in Do It Yourself stores, schools, medical facilities, food retailers and so on. This eye appealing type of floor requires diamond grinding and polishing to obtain its appearance. Diamond grinding and polishing the concrete gives it a great looking shiny or polished finished. In some cases, customers want the aggregate stone to come through. Others use stains to give extra color and sealers to add protection and gloss as desired.

Epoxy coatings on concrete surfaces is often used to make warehouses, garages, parking and other floors look great. Now the latest rage in interior commercial flooring is the Reflector Epoxy Systems. These stunning floors can be given a stained or a stone like finish. The epoxy product that ACE uses in not the same as the low quality products sold in many stores. The epoxy products ACE uses are very strong because they are 100% solids, industrial strength with a two component coating. The coatings are available in 10 stock colors and a true clear version. The epoxy series are engineered and designed for use on concrete substrates of virtually any stable condition including most surface deteriorated surfaces in need of repair.

The Epoxy coatings exhibit compressive and tensile strengths in most cases 2-3 times that of conventional concrete and they act as a superior protective coating to concrete surfaces such as in warehouses, garage floors, parking garages, retail stores and more. These epoxy products are VOC free, they can be used indoors without the need of excessive ventilation.

Thinned Stamped Concrete Overlays are able to be used on existing concrete surfaces, while deep stamped Patterned Concrete is only available for newly poured concrete. Due to this, Thin Stamped overlays have become one of the most sought after applications in the commercial and residential building and reconstruction markets today.

Thin stamped overlays are designed and engineered to create the authentic and natural look and feel of stone, slate, brick and tile just like conventional full depth stamped concrete applications. The difference is thin stamped overlays is installed at only 1/4" to existing concrete surfaces and eliminates the cost, hassle and downtime of tearing out and replacing the existing concrete like conventional full depth stamped concrete finishes.

ACE uses a top quality product that is an engineered, polymer coating. It is actually stronger and more durable than conventional concrete as well as stamped concrete applications, making it the ideal surface for residential and commercial applications such as driveways, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, hotel lobbies, retail stores, shopping malls and more. It is so versatile that it can be colored and textured in hundreds of combinations to match surrounding architecture and designs or even create a new theme.

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